Haiti culture

Haitian culture is original and is hard to get it if you are not in the crowd. People from all over the world have been trying to understand this ancient and distinctive culture to no avail.

Once you get to know a couple of Haitians people, you will come to understand them better. Most of what you have been hearing about these lovely people are untrue.

It is with determination that Haitian culture is a bit hard to understand. It stems from the improvement of Creole as a language. As we saw in this blog post on Language of Haiti

Haitian language

The language was grown above all else for former slaves who came to the country of Haiti from Africa. In particular, slave masters taught the slaves basic French. Slaves used a local language call Haitian Creole to communicate amongst themselves.

Because they came from different part of Africa, thus, the slaves brought different cultures to the Island of Haiti. These cultures represent different clans of Africa.

To understand Haitian culture, one must know about the tribulation of these people. These people were not cared for by their owners back in the slavery era. Many died because of poor health.

The slave owners did not care because these people were businesses for them. It was cheaper to let a Haitian slave die than to provide the appropriate help for health and other issues.

A Haitian slave was not expected to live past his or her 40. Slave owners made more money by that system. They kept on bringing more slaves from Africa and did not care if the unhealthy ones died.

Haitian culture is like Haitian Creole

Firstly, the Haitian Creole which is one of the things that give the Haitian culture its uniqueness was created. Above all, the slaves could speak with one another. In fact, one reason for the new language was for them to speak right in front of the masters without them understanding. How smart was that? This set the phase for Haitian culture.

Really, this is an essential point that you need to know in order to understand Haitian people. Do not let the uniqueness fool you, Haitians, however are among the kindliest and most captivating beings to be around.

I think the appearance of this secretive culture is purposely crafted so that it is hard for others to decipher.As that of the Haitian language, Haitian culture is also, a culture of endurance.

Also, you have been hearing and seeing in the news, life in Haiti is very hard. It is a troublesome life. There are no hopes for most in Haiti. Ask any Haitian in Haiti or in the states for that matter. Certainly, they will tell you that it is a life of despair.

Children high mortality rates

Even though I do not always believe in all the numbers. Most are not reflecting the reality of Haiti. It is said that if you are born in Haiti you have 7 in 10 chances that you will die before you reach 5 yrs. old.

Contrary, I am from a town in Haiti with a population of over 50,000 people. I can count how many children who died before the age of 5. The ones that are reported. Even if you add the unreported ones, the number is far below the 7 that the study found. I am sure many Haitians will feel the same way about their town too.

These numbers may have changed drastically since we are in the post the 2010 Earth quake era. You all remember the quake that shattered Haiti in 2010. Over 300,000 people reported died from that quake and many more indirectly.

I am not sure if it is the Haitian culture or not. Contrary, most Haitians live long lives. The low life expectancy numbers are because of the high mortality rates in children. If you can make it past the high mortality range, you will live a long life.

Strong Immune systems

It seems like the immune system of the people of Haiti can support the miseries and the hardship they suffer daily. Their immune system protect them from most maladies that would otherwise cripple people from other countries.

It is as if the immune system provides a barrier that blocks many diseases. There is a saying in Haiti that says what does not kill you, make you stronger. Indeed, Haitians can eat anything that is not toxic.

Haitian culture is additionally a culture of impersonation. Haitians impersonate and incorporate thoughts, words and ideas from different societies. They do it without knowing.

Hence, the reason for the uniqueness of this culture. It incorporates many cultures into one. This does not necessarily means that they have no culture of their own. That is just the way it has become.

Haitian beliefs

The way of life of Haiti is a varied blend of African, Taino and European components because of the French colonization of Haiti and its extensive and various subjugated African populace, as is confirm in the Haitian language, music, and religion. Certainly, Haitian culture is spiritual.

Some Haitians believe that non-human substances, including creatures, plants, and regularly even lifeless things or wonders, have a mystical logic. Also, the Haitians have strong faith in the spirit world. They have faith in soul creatures.

Along these lines, to get Haitians, one must start from accepting that Haitian culture is puzzling, enduring, replication and spiritual.

This still does not let us know all that we have to know, in light of the fact that, all things considered, they are baffling: they want unknowns to stay away.

Haitian people are nice

Above all, they are the most adorable being to be around. They are clever, creative and astute people.

Furthermore, given the chance, they are exceptionally dedicated. Be that as it may, always remember to regard them. Haitians have had a rough history. As a result, some can be sensitive to some issues. On the off chance that you treat a Haitian like a slave, you will be met with disdain.

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