Liliane Pierre-Paul, la légendaire journaliste est morte.

Le monde a perdu une véritable lumière cette semaine. Liliane Pierre-Paul, la légendaire journaliste de la radio haïtienne et championne incessante de la démocratie, est morte soudainement à l’âge de 70 ans, laissant une trace indélébile sur sa nation et sa profession. Liliane était une force de la nature, courageuse, sans compromis, et guidée par […]

The Turbulent Spanish Colonization of Hispaniola


When Christopher Columbus set foot on the Caribbean gem of Hispaniola back in 1492, it wasn’t just an exploration. It was the dawn of an era marked by turbulence, colonizing ambitions, and great upheaval. In the hundred years that followed, the Taino people who were once the heartbeat of this island, found their civilization falling […]

The Root Cause Of Poverty in Haiti

The current excessive degree of poverty of the frequent individuals in Haiti immediately has its roots within the turbulent historical past of the primary Black Republic on the planet. After destroying the Napoleonic Military on the bloody battlefields of Vertières, liberating themselves from French colonialism and slavery, and thus proclaimed the independence of Haiti in […]

The accurate description of the Earthquake in Haiti

Patrick Hein labored on the fifth degree of the constructing sheltering the providers of United Nations in Port-au-Prince when the earthquake occurred. It was 17 h 00 in Haiti (22 h 00 GMT), on Tuesday night, that’s 2 h 00 of the morning in Mauritius yesterday on Wednesday, January 13th. The Mauritian works for the […]

Attention-grabbing Details About Haitian Creole

When folks consider the nation of Haiti, they mechanically fantasize about seashores, the blue Ocean’s waters and cocktails. The truth is that there’s extra to this nation than one would count on. For example, many individuals are unaware of the language spoken on this a part of the world. In Haiti, there are literally two […]

The Haitian revolution, did you know?

We are going to go over some events that took place around that time. These events led to the Haitian revolution also known as Haitian independence. As you will see, there are many accounts of the events that surrounded the Haitian movements. Some historians have different takes on the Haitian revolution leaders, the Haitian revolution […]

When is Haitian flag day?

Every may 18th in many countries of the world, Haitians celebrate the Haitian flag. As with many countries, the flag is the symbol of pride. In fact, in some countries you can be jailed or be killed if you do not defend or misrepresent the flag.  Blue and white is the color of the Haitian […]

What is Haitian Creole, The Haiti Language

Haitian Creole which the Haiti language is not simply a non-standard speech of French? It is far from that. In fact, Haitian Creole is its own language with its own grammar and rules. It is true though that Haitian creole is derived from the French language. It is one of the easiest language in the […]

Haiti culture

Haitian culture is original and is hard to get it if you are not in the crowd. People from all over the world have been trying to understand this ancient and distinctive culture to no avail. Once you get to know a couple of Haitians people, you will come to understand them better. Most of […]

Where is Haiti?

Haiti is an island state  on the island of Hispaniola in the Great Antilles. It includes the western part of the Caribbean island. The eastern part of which is the Dominican Republic. Also, the approximately eleven million inhabitants of Haiti are mostly of sub-Saharan African descent. The capital of the country is Port-au-Prince. It is […]